About Us

BR Innovation LLC is a Veteran and Female owned company that Invents, Develops and Manufactures products for the Agricultural Industry.
With more than 50 years experience in manufacturing we develop products that work for todays farmer

Making Life Easier

The Manifold-Bolted Ball Valve Industry is a Global Industry that has not had a product update or change in 30 years……
Typical application for a Manifold-Bolted Ball Valve is on the farm to stop the flow of liquids many of which are CORROSIVE
So what's the issue?

They Leak and Crack

BR Innovation has developed a new Patent Pending Compression Seal Technology
It allows the ball to pivot in the closed position pressing it into a soft seal creating a perfect seal every time the result…No Leaks!!!
Secondly the body of the BR Innovation Ball Valve is Constructed 100% of Glass Filled Nylon giving it a brittle break temperature of -50C (-58F)
Current products on the market are made of polypropylene with a brittle break temperature of -20C (-4F)
At BR Innovation we are innovators, thinkers, leaders, strategists, business analysts, makers, dreamers, doers, startup entrepreneurs, inventors, creators, and communicators. We are US Armed Forces Veterans with more than 30 years’ experience in product development, manufacturing and management.

Our passion is helping the common everyday joe develop patentable products, through expert product research and development all the way to production and retail, eliminating an everyday common problem. Making Life Easier